Video Production & Content Marketing for NGO's, Non-Profits & Social Enterprise

We help you craft and deliver story’s that engage audiences, incite action and inspire change

Painting In Pictures is a dedicated team of Media professionals, Production specialists and Storytellers. We’re passionate about social change and making the world a better place. Our goal is to create engaging and meaningful video and media content to significantly boost your organization’s visibility.


Warning!!! not all stories are created equal. The importance of transforming your organizations compelling work into an effective story is the obvious first step. The hard part is in how to develop your story so it effectively communicates to a larger audience, is visually compelling, incites action and increases your reach. We are a specialist team dedicated to creating work that is not only visually engaging but effectively communicates a message that keeps your audience engaged and interested.


Our production process is unique. We keep ourselves up to date on the latest tech and incorporate it into our work at every stage. This often gives us the ability to achieve high production value with a smaller crew and footprint. All of our team are highly qualified and experienced experts that are passionate about working for organization and company’s that align with socially beneficial value. We have moulded our  process to be efficient and carefully crafted to suit our clients needs.


Once your project is complete we don’t simply hand you a master and wish you best of luck. We work with you to optimizes outputs for your various delivery methods and track your results. We care about our clients and want to work with you in the future. So rest assured all your Project footage, Assets and Masters will remain on our servers safe and secure for any requirements or updates you may need in the future.


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