How do we minimise our carbon footprint?

In The Office

We practice sustainability and re-use, reduce and recycle. We source green electricity and use efficient energy saving measures to minimise our environmental impact.


In The Field

Our multidisciplinary production team captures stories on the ground economically and efficiently yet without any compromise on story-telling and production quality.


Our Suppliers

We work with innovative suppliers and responsible businesses who pride themselves on sustainable and ethical business practices. Proudly partnering towards a carbon zero future.


Painting In Pictures is a Sydney and Illawarra-based green film production company dedicated to ethical and environmental sustainability. With its people and planet-first approach and a mission towards a zero-carbon future, Painting in Pictures has become a recognized leader and changemaker in the industry. We fulfil our commitment to doing regenerative business in a circular economy designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.

  • MEASURE: We measure our environmental impact by tracking, reducing and offsetting.
  • SOLAR: We are powered by the sun. To fight the effects of climate change, we have also installed solar panels to power our lights, laptops, and camera equipment.
  • TRANSPORT: We walk to work and we only travel by car when absolutely necessary. We always lift share and take the minimum number of vehicles. We prioritise efficient, low emission transport using hybrid/electric vehicles.We support work from home to our extended team.
  • ENERGY: We have installed energy saving light bulbs in our office. Our electricity is sourced by Powershop, a 100 carbon neutral energy company.
  • DIGITAL STORAGE: Our information is stored and transferred digitally, minimizing our printing use. We also utilize green web hosting.
  • RECYCLING: We dispose of all our rubbish and recycling responsibly, with on ongoing commitment to recycling as many materials as possible to minimise our contribution to landfill waste.

  • LOCATION: Our team of multi-disciplinary filmmakers shoot on location or in pre-existing studios, rather than wasting materials on building sets from scratch and creating more waste.
  • LIGHTING: We utilize and control natural light when filming scenes and interviews and when needed use solar-powered light sources or low impact charging stations for additional light sources.
  • CATERING: We strive for our crew members’ nutrition to be healthy, good quality, and plant-based. We use recycled utensils and plates, washable cups and reusable tableware—zero plastic bottles and no disposable cups or lids of any kind. Drinking water is locally filtered or transported in bulk with reusable water bottles. We encourage our crew members to bring their own reusable water bottles and flasks.
  • WASTE: At the end of a shoot, excess food is donated and distributed amongst members of the community.
  • COMMUNITY: When traveling for stories, we hire local people when filming in remote locations, investing in local businesses and communities, and supporting human rights and environmental initiatives.
  • CARBON OFFSETTING: We are aware of the environmental impact of all our actions and support rainforest reforestation programs to offset our atmospheric carbon. When we must fly, we balance this with carbon offsetting.

  • PARTNERS: We continually assess and review our supply and service partners.
  • SUPPLIERS: We ensure our suppliers and contracts are awarded to ethical companies who deliver the greenest option possible.
  • EVALUATION: Through constantly improving and evaluating the sustainability of our business, we aim to measure our operational impact on people and the planet.
  • IMPACT: Supply and demand should never cause harm to our planet. We not only care about who we work with but also consider the impacts of the work we do on the wider society.
  • RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS: We believe the world needs every business at it's best therefore we research and rely upon our trusted suppliers to provide the highest quality products and services available.

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