We provide high-quality film and video production services across multiple sectors. Including businesses, brands, international media outlets, not-for-profit and non-government organisations.

We’re a passionate, award winning, multi-skilled documentary team. Documentary has the capacity to create real-world change for good. We are highly motivated to bring authentic voices, innovations and important stories to the screen.

We are a global full-service International news and editorial team. We capture groundbreaking stories, breaking news and human interest pieces.

Our team is Facebook and Google certified in creating in-stream video advertising. We have created social media video ads and campaigns for some of the world’s largest and most recognisable brands and organisations across the US, Australian, European and APAC markets. We know how to create effective social media video advertising.

Over the past decade, we have enjoyed many opportunities to work with NGOs and not-for-profits. This has equipped us with the experience to develop a unique and successful approach when dealing with often sensitive and worthy causes. These include: campaign videos to help increase awareness, fund-raising, the showcasing of medical innovations or to highlight cutting-edge technology to expose human rights or environmental issues. We help you get to the core of your goal by crafting content that will generate interest, convey a meaningful message, and create change.

We produce emotive content that engages audiences and helps clients achieve their goals. Branded content, advertorial and docu-mercial are a few names that have entered the zeitgeist for this style of production in the past few years. Essentially, we find a way to go beyond the traditional forms of video advertising to communicate a message for your business, brand or organisation in an enriched and meaningful way. Clients come to us for engaging video content that has an impact and makes a difference.

One of the best ways to communicate a complex idea is through the use of an animated explainer video or motion graphic. Over the years we have helped many organizations and non profits communicate there ideas and messages through the use of appropriate design, motion and animation.

With such an overwhelming demand for video in all avenues of business and marketing, it is often the case that clients have existing material that needs the professional polish of an experienced editing team. If this is you, get in touch.

We love to fly. We have close to a decade of experience in capturing cinematic drone aerial footage for commercial, corporate, film and enterprise applications.

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