We help you craft and deliver stories that engage audiences, incite action and inspire change.

Painting in Pictures is a purpose-led film and video production company. Crafting impact storytelling for non-profits, NGO’s, social enterprises & government bodies.

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Video has the power to advocate, educate, empower, market & fund-raise. We produce video content that captures the emotion and impact of organisations to inspire targeted customers and supporters at scale. Our expanded network means we can produce end-to-end video production content throughout Australia and across the globe.

Authentic stories have the power to transform organisations and make an emotive and long-lasting connection to their target audience. We carefully assess the needs of each project and then handcraft high-quality video content that educates, inspires passion, incites action and propels change.

Successful storytelling is indicative of governmental bodies, NGO’s and non-profit organizations overall success. Unlike a regular business, organizations are not selling a product or service, instead they are selling their important cause-worthy work. By utilizing the power of engaging video content, organizations are able to efficiently and economically promote their people and stories. Hand-crafted Video Production can highlight their core message and put a human face to an organizations cause and impact.

Bob Marley One Love Music Video

One Love Foundation, Los Angeles, California. Official Bob Marley 'One Love' anniversary Music Video) 14+ Million Views.


Expand the reach of your organisation. Grow the reach of your existing audience and increase exposure for a cause or campaign. Capture the heart of your organizations message and show the world that genuinely working for big and small causes, has the power to expand and transform people and societies for the good. Video content can reach people and make a difference.


Effectively communicating the impact you are having in the community. Give recognition to donors and sponsors. Often, these stories go unnoticed, or without sufficient attention to make an impact. Through impact storytelling we aim to change that by unquestionably showing the real life impact of organizations who are building a better society.

clear Cutting V3 faded

Environmental Defenders Office, Papau New Guinea. Deforestation and Ilegal logging of Primary rainforest.

Mutitjulu Uluru Indiginouse Younng Woman (NPY Women's Coucil)

NPY Women's Council, Uluru, Northern Territory. Video campaign to empower young Indigenous people.


Appeal to financial supporters of your organisations as well as the community you are serving. We are proud to work with organizations who strive to make the world a better place for everyone. Caring about matters such as human and animal rights, environmental protection, conservation, injustice and equality. At painting in pictures, we advocate and care about these matters too.


Build awareness around a campaign. The community may not be aware of the resource you are providing. Launching a program, educating the public. Using Video Production and animation to deliver complex information into an engaging format. You can educate and inspire people to act, to get involved, or even just to be aware of a situation. Awareness both brings important issues to light and at the same time, empowers viewers by learning real world solutions.

Eureciclo connects consumer goods brands with recyclers, promoting recycling with social responsibility.

Eureciclo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Comedic Video launch campaign to transform the environmental and recycling labelling standards.

Margaret Mead

" Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. "

- Margaret Mead

Let’s work together to create video content that makes it known to the world, the actual impact that your organization is making. Video production that inpires and drives positive change. Painting in Pictures is dedicated to capture and magnify your organisations stories that are changing the world.

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